Thursday, July 24, 2008


FORCED EXPRESSION were a powerviolence/grind band that released three 7”s during their short existence in 1995. Brian and Spence, who had both played together in UNISEX two years earlier, formed this band with Daryl, a transplant from NJ. Nothing this musically extreme had ever existed in Ottumwa before this. They only played one live show, April 28th, 1995.

This 7”, their first, was recorded at Studio 16 Productions here in Ottumwa. It was probably the first and only time the owner/engineer had a request to record a Skilsaw, or a microphone being thrust into a coffee can of broken glass (you can hear both at the end of track #7).

Released on Reek Havoc records in 1995, either 1000 or 2000 copies were made, I don’t know for sure, maybe 30 copies or so were sold in Ottumwa. FORCED EXPRESSION was the first Ottumwa band to go global.


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