Monday, July 21, 2008

MANTAPUS - "Discography" 1995-1996

Release #3 in the “Ottumwa Archive Series”, a series of limited CDRs showcasing some of the best music released in my hometown over the years. This is a reissue of the MANTAPUS demo from 1995 with 7 bonus tracks including their cut from the "This Is a Tiny Town" comp. MANTAPUS, to my knowledge, were the first full blown metal band from Ottumwa. Sure, some of my old bands came close, but not to the extent MANTAPUS did - blending death metal and thrash into a sound of their own. The demo tracks were recorded at Studio 16 Productions, the only place to record here in Ottumwa, and sport a surprisingly good/heavy sound considering the engineer usually recorded radio jingles and country bands. These guys were a local favorite during the year they existed, played lots of shows, released a demo and then disappeared. Here's your chance to check them out.


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