Friday, August 22, 2008

V/A - "Jack Mackerel Casserole" - C-30 compilation 1995

If you've been downloading the stuff I've upped so far, this post will be a bit redundant. With the exception of some audience noise and a BEEF STEW song, all of this material has been posted already.

"Jack Mackerel Casserole" was assembled as a sampler tape to send out free with orders. I don't remember ever getting one order by mail, so none were sent out as intended. This was a botched attempt at marketing. I don't remember, but I suspect these were probably given away at shows. I don't think too many were made, maybe 25-30. We ordered the shittiest quality tapes we could buy from the Full Compass catalog we ordered our nice tapes from, threw together a crappy cover and made no attempt to make the overall volume level through out the tape even. While ripping this to mp3 just now, I made a small attempt at fixing the volume problem, but it still leaves some to be desired.

Despite what the cover says, this tape features 17 songs from 5 bands:



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