Sunday, October 12, 2008

RUSTY METAL PRIMER - "Do Your Own Dishes" 1995

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted something. I should say that I started this blog while I wasn't working during the summer and had nothing but time on my hands. Time isn't so plentiful now, but I'll do my best to put new content up when I can.

While not technically from Ottumwa, RUSTY METAL PRIMER played Ottumwa often enough to warrant inclusion on this site. R.M.P. were from What Cheer, a small town about 45 minutes north of Ottumwa. I didn't talk to any of these guys then outside of saying "hello" to each other at shows, so I don't know anything about them. Somehow they became aware of what was happening musically here in Ottumwa, befriended Mike and played in his basement on more than one occasion. I remember them being listed on a flyer once as "The Band Formerly Known as the All-American Boys", but maybe that was just something Mike came up with as I doubt they were ever called the "The All-American Boys". Outside of doing a couple of shows with them, I didn't know them, so I really can't add much to their history. Maybe someone from the band will see this and fill in the blanks in the comments section?

This demo (their only release?) was recorded by Mike Hoff in a garage in August 0f 1995. If you listen carefully between the songs and on the quiet parts, you can hear the sound of summer crickets chirping along to the music. The music is planted firmy in the sound of the 90's alternative and grunge and these 9 songs sound really good! It's obvious a lot of work went into rehearsing these songs before recording them.

It was around this time I focused my musical attention outside of Ottumwa and lost touch with what was going on here. Somehow, R.M.P. broke up. I wish I had a juicy story to tell about it, but I don't know what happened. Did Nate or Goose do anything musically after R.M.P.? Beats me... Jason continued on with music and today plays drums for SHE SWINGS, SHE SWAYS, a folksy acoustic band that plays often here in Ottumwa, and elsewhere.



sheswingsshesways said...

Rusty Metal Primer began in the summer of 1993 and played their first show 2 weeks later, the same night the flooding rains started. Coincidence?

There had been many line-ups through the years before calling it quits in 1998. Tom Ferree played drums first, then Nate Oswald did for most of it. Even Mark Langgin played for a little bit. Spooty played electric guitar for a while, then took over for Goose on bass near then end. We even had a lead singer for a spell, Brant Bollman.

I guess our first release was called "Live at Paroxis '95" which was just like it sounds... a live recording of us in Mike Hoff's basement. It was our first recording of any kind and I couldn't just keep it all to myself.

Then came "Do Your Own Dishes" shortly after. Like Andy said, Mike Hoff recorded it for us one weekend in What Cheer where we were from.

It was so fun recording with Mike that I went and got a Tascam 424 MKII 4-track (which I still use today). After recording all winter and spring, we put out our next tape "Dump" in 1996. 23 songs I epic. A whole bunch of good songs though. Ones we played for the majority of band's live shows, which we played all over Iowa.

And finally, in the summer 1997 I held myself up in a practice house outside Eddyville and recorded all the parts except the bass to our last album "Leftovers". Spooty recorded the bass. At that point we couldn't keep a regular drummer, so that's why I ended up playing those parts.

RMP was my first band and was for 5 years. It was the only real band that I wrote songs and sang in. Since that last album I've been mostly playing drums in bands. In bands like Curd, Necrosis, The Eggnogs, Zach's Amazing Head Wound, Nik Sorak, Moonshine Runners, The Slats, and now She Swings, She Sways.

After Nate left he moved to Hawaii got married and had children.

Goose played bass in a band called Korupted a few years ago.

I still to this day get recognized for RMP. It's weird, but flattering. Some of my longest and closets friendships are from those I met playing music in Ottumwa.

Thank you Andy for putting this album up on this wonderful website! I've downloaded everything and I get so nostalgic. The scene then was so great!

Patrick said...

"I still to this day get recognized for RMP"

nah...weren't you that kid at Scout camp?

sheswingsshesways said...

You would know buddy! :)

MolokaiRider said...

Digging this blog, thanks for posting!

Jason pointed me in this direction after connecting on

Haven't heard from the Goose man for over 10 years, miss that dude. The Bolinger Boys are still living the life of music and art it seems. It's good to re-connect with at least one of them.

I had to stop playing drums for a few years since I couldn't bring them to Hawaii with me, but about three years ago joined a band called Six Pak. We tour around the islands and gig about twice a week.

We play all sorts...Beatles, Marley, David Lindley, lots of reggae/rock. The pay is good, the beer is free, and I can't think of a better way to spend the weekends. Not to mention the free travel and hotels. Weeeee....

Got to meet Eddie Vedder out here, and I must say he's one humble and insightful man.

I've got three hapa children with my wife Jesseca. Kaydence (born 2000), Slater (born 2002) and Kristen (born 2004). They are radical little people and keep me relatively honest.

One day I'm heading back to the motherland and feel like a RMP's gonna be SHaweet!

MolokaiRider said...

Diggin on this blog, thanks for putting it up! Great days, fun of all kinds, and friends of legend!

It's good to see the Bolinger Boys are still immersed in music and art (as if they would be in anything else!). Jason's band sounds amazing and I couldn't be more proud and happy for him.

Since leaving for the islands, I had to give up my drums for a few years since it cost so much to ship them. I dinked around a little on some friends toy kits, but nothing major.

About three years ago I couldn't ignore the gap in my head and made the decision to begin playing again. I joined a band called Six Pak (formely Kane Dog). We gig on Molokai, Maui, Oahu, Kawaii, and now this year for the first time in the Big Island. We're usually booked twice a week and play pretty consistantly.

I enjoy the cash, the cold beer, the connections, the lifestyle, and free travel and hotels. The group has one issue that I am a little reluctant to share, and that is we offer absolutely no original songs to the audience. 100% cover band.

Long silence.

On the bright side, we are playing Marley, Beatles, Issacs, David Lindley, C&K, etc. Lots of rock/reggae.

Jason, stop laughing....

My wife Jesseca and I have three kids: Kaydence (born 2000), Slater (born 2002) and Kristen (born 2004). They keep me relatively honest and also working a 7-4 day job to pay the bills.

Damn guidance counsler....I told him I wanted to be a rock star...

More recently I've begun to study the use of cultural drums and percussive instruments. My favorite so far has been the cajon, and I usually carry one with me wherever I go. The islands are a very musical place, and it seems everyone can at least sing or play some sort of tune. Spoons, scrub basins, ukuleles, acoustic guitars, even Igloo coolers are a common place. A typical day after work might be meeting with some friends at the beach to jam, BBQ, and fish. The obligatory beer included of course.

I would like to send Andy my absolute gratitude for posting this blog, as my only two copes of D.Y.O.D and Dump have been played so much that they wore out years ago. I am truly grateful!

Mark Langgin said...

I don't even know if I ever played a "live" RMP show even. I know we practiced in Sam's grandmother's old house, but did we ever play live?

I also remember I had quite the obsession with how good a drummer Nate was. Nate and Jake Allee were the best drummers I ever ran across in the Ottumwa area beyond Clint Marsh.

Another interesting bit of trivia - most of the people I ever ended up playing music with I met in Mike Hoff's basement.

Jason/Josh Bolinger - RMP
Ryan Hutchinson - Frodoe/The Pogos
Jon Hansen - The Slats

Every project that I ever spent significant time in involved someone that I met in Hoff's basement.

Anonymous said...

Note: The Band Formerly Known As The All American Boys were actually a totally different, separate band and group of guys than Rusty Metal Primer. They were the only band that played in my basement whom I had no connection with. I didn't and still don't know who they are and how they ended up playing at that show. Maybe Mark L. arranged it? Take care all! ~ Mike H, Evanston