Tuesday, December 9, 2008

JEFF KOETTEL - "A Jeff Koettel Christmas (1994)

I can't think of a better Christmas gift than to share this forgotten classic with the world. Here to help you celebrate the birth of Christ is my brother Jeff's "A Jeff Koettel Christmas".

Continuing on with his retarded improvised casio-core, Jeff recorded this tape in 1994 to get into the Christmas spirit by singing this tape "with a really bad cold". You can hear his head clogged with mucus on these 9 tracks. Completely devoid of self-censorship and shame, it sounds as if Jeff is reading from a book as he sings these while giving the "demo" button on his Casio a workout. Everything done in one take, I'm sure. "Deck the Halls" is the stand-out track here - pure cheese!

Yep, this sucks, but so do most Christmas albums.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday. Please leave a comment after listening.


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