Tuesday, July 22, 2008

GHOOM - "Ghoom '94" 1994

GHOOM existed during the summer and fall of 1994 and only released one tape, “Mostly”, through Jack Mackerel Productions, but truth be told – the band made and sold all of the tape themselves. GHOOM was made up of three of the nicest dudes I’ve met in my life, people who did more for the scene here then anyone else, perhaps. Mike put on shows in his basement, recorded bands for free and released compilation tapes of local artists. Clint was the editor of Real Life Zine, often featuring local bands within it’s pages, and hosted the annual “Paroxis” events that drew more people than any other. Having said all of this, I feel bad labeling it as “wuss-rock”, but I don’t know what else to call it. I don’t feel qualified to give this stuff a proper label because I don’t listen to stuff like this, but I guess you could call it alternative. Smashing Pumpkins and Firehose were probably influences on their sound as the members were fans of their music at the time (probably still today).

This CDR was released on Mike’s Mighty Feeble Lo-Fi label, and collects their only demo and a bunch of live songs that actually sound better than the demo does. I can’t imagine this CDR reissue is getting much exposure through sales, but it’s in need of a wider audience. Hopefully this post will help.


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Reuben Merringer said...

This is one of the first Ottumwa bands I ever saw (I think), at Paroxis '94. If it wasn't them, it was North of Dean, which if I remember right included some of the same members. I don't know. But Ghoom's great. I miss those days. Thank you This is a Tiny Town.