Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BIG CINDERBLOCK TONSIL - "Live From the Bench" 1995

BIG CINDERBLOCK TONSIL made their official recorded debut on “Music For Shrinking: The Second Ottumwa Compilation” on the Mighty Feeble Lo-Fi label, but before that they existed as a live act for a short while. Completely devoid of any talent, B.C.T. were more of a musical terrorist group than a band; two guys with bad wigs and body odor who took over the bench in front of the church on North Court at 2AM every night for nearly 2 weeks. Songs were written on the spot about whatever popped into their minds and played instantly and without rehearsal to an audience of anywhere from 0 to 10 people on an acoustic guitar and a cymbal perched atop a drumstick. More people might have seen them play, but they severely limited their audience by insisting they start their shows at 2AM. This 51 track collection was compiled by Angry Moon Productions and consists mostly of live recordings done from the bench on a hand held tape recorder. This is silly, juvenile stuff - be warned.

The band can still be contacted today through their
Myspace page run by Beckham where you’ll find a ridiculous pile of merchandise available for a band that existed for such a short while.


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