Monday, July 21, 2008

BORF BEAST - "70 Minutes of Evil" 1994-1996

Existing from 1994-1997, Borf Beast caught the tail end of the first wave of the Ottumwa scene. Even Ottumwa was not spared the influence of the Seattle grunge scene. Drawing obvious influence from Nirvana, Pixies and Lookout era Green Day, they played a great and energetic mixture of punk rock, grunge and even a little noise, but always with their own sound. This 25 track CDR collects their only demo, 2 compilation tracks, a full live set and an unreleased studio recording made in the band’s infancy. All three members are still active in the scene and went on to play in GRAND OLD LADY, LIVING FOR ID and GIANT BEARD THE PIRATE. Full liner notes in the zipped folder.


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Anonymous said...

I was just listening to this cd last night. It brought back so many memories of how much fun the music scene was and how much fun I had doing it.
Thanks for making this CD and all the others!

Dan Halferty, Borf Beast.