Monday, July 21, 2008

THREESKIN - "One Less Than Foreskin / Treatment for Minor Cuts and Abrasions" 1994-1995

Rising from the ashes of UNISEX, THREESKIN came on to the scene with two demo tapes and a live show filled with flying objects, elaborate costumes and two singers that shamelessly pummeled each other during their shows. Mixing the speed of thrash metal and short songs of hardcore punk, THREESKIN we’re the most violent of the first wave of Ottumwa bands, paving the way for CAPTAIN THREE LEG (of which all 5 members of Threeskin played in at one point). This 77 track CDR collects both demos (1994+1995), unreleased trax and rare unheard rehearsal stuff.


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Anonymous said...

I have "one less..." on cassette that I bought from soundwaves...I still listen to it. It rocks!